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"Don't stand there watchin' me, *follow* me, show me what you can do!" -- Britney Spears, "Circus"

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Although they were all awesome, this is my favorite costume!!
The sparkly silver dress was also SUPERB!! LOVED it when
she did a costume change ON STAGE and tossed the dress out!!
Leave it to Britney, the ultimate "put-on-a-show kind of girl"!!
Thank you for being you, Britney Spears!!! :D

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As most of you can imagine, performing in-the-round is INCREDIBLY difficult!
The way Britney Spears literally runs (always "with a purpose"
and "like a dancer"!) across the arena in order to
ensure a full experience for her fans is not only outrageously
impressive, but darn near impossible for most people! Think of how
HUGE an arena like the Staples Center is. Now imagine running back
and forth while really hitting outrageous dance moves (Britney
even channeled her inner Pussycat Doll, the opening act, by
doing a HEEL STRETCH (take it from me, that involves insane flexibility!!),
with pounds of stage make-up on your face, keeping charisma
in your face at all times, connecting with your INSANELY HUGE
audience, performing INSANE aerialist moves, the list goes on!!

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"There is nothing like being mere inches from greatness."
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us for years while asking nothing in return. We love you, Britney!!

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It's high time people stood up and noticed! Britney Spears is back
With her tight, well-choreographed dance moves (sprinting back and forth
in order to entertain more people than you could possibly imagine),
outrageously beautiful costumes, jaw-dropping acrobatic stunts and
aerialist (Spears herself as an aerialist!!!!), and an amazing set list
including Spears' chart-topping hits in the club today
as well as your favorites from the past!

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